Ferguson Police Accused of Assaulting Children [TW: Child Abuse, Child Torture]   


Now that the protests in Ferguson, Missouri, have died down, journalists are trying to learn a bit more about the officers who arrested and threatened them. In the past few days, two St. Louis–area cops were suspended for making racist remarks, and a third was relieved from duty for telling protesters he would “fucking kill” them. It turns out there are many other skeletons in the department’s closet. The Huffington Post reports that the Ferguson Police Department hired an officer who resigned from the St. Louis City Police following multiple allegations that he hit children, and another officer is facing a civil rights lawsuit after allegedlychoking and hog-tying a 12-year-old boy standing in his own front yard.

The first officer, Eddie Boyd III, was accused of physically abusing children three times between 2004 and 2006, but the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department’s internal affairs division only sustained the final complaint. Per HuffPost:

In April 2006, Boyd got into an argument with 12-year-old Jerica Thornton while following the girl and her brother home from school, according to a judge’s summary of the investigation.

After a verbal altercation turned physical, Boyd tackled the brother to the ground. When Jerica came to his aid, Boyd struck her in the head with his gun.

Boyd later claimed that he had pistol-whipped the girl “accidentally.”

Internal affairs said Boyd should be fired, but he was demoted instead. There was another incident involving a child six months later, when Boyd was serving as a probationary police officer. In April 2007, there was a fight outside Sumner High School, and freshman Christopher Dixon ran away, though he wasn’t involved, because he feared he would be arrested. Boyd claims that while trying to detain the boy, he slipped and “inadvertently” hit him in the face with handcuffs. Dixon says the officer pulled up next to him in his car, pointed a gun at him, and threatened to shoot, then whipped him across the face with his gun.

Boyd resigned a short time later, claiming in a deposition that he “just didn’t feel like dealing with the red tape and bureaucracy.” Dixon sued Boyd, but a jury acquitted him after Dixon made vague comments about whether he felt the officer intended to hit him. Boyd successfully fought the state’s attempt to have his police officer license revoked, and he was later hired as an officer in St. Ann, and then in Ferguson.

The second officer is Justin Cosma, who is one of the cops who arrested the Huffington Post’s Ryan Reilly and the Washington Post's Wesley Lowery. Reilly and colleague Ashley Alman report that Cosma and another officer, Richard Carter, are facing a civil rights lawsuit for an incident that occurred in 2012 when they were with the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office. According to the lawsuit, a shirtless boy was standing at the end of his driveway checking his mailbox when the two officers approached and asked if he’d been playing on a highway nearby.

The suit says that after he said no, the officers “became confrontational,” grabbed the boy, choked him, and threw him to the ground. He suffered “bruising, choke marks, and cuts across his body,” as the officers “hog tied” and arrested him. The cops accused the 12-year-old of “assault of a law enforcement officer third degree,” and “resisting/interfering with arrest, detention, or stop,” but prosecutors refused to bring charges.

The allegations were made just after Cosma took a job with the Ferguson Police Department. Both he and Boyd have received awards for their conduct in other incidents.


Source: Margaret Hartmann for New York Magazine

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BREAKING: Multi-Million Dollar Lawsuit Filed Against Ferguson, St. Louis For Police Actions


WASHINGTON — A multi-million dollar lawsuit was filed in federal court in Missouri on Thursday, seeking compensation for “excessive force” by the police in Ferguson, Missouri, in the days after the shooting of Michael Brown.

According to the suit, the excessive force included false arrest, assault and battery; led to intentional infliction of emotional distress; was the result of negligent supervision and discipline; and resulted in a violation of the plaintiffs’ constitutional rights.

The lawsuit, filed by three out-of-state lawyers — including Malik Shabazz from Black Lawyers for Justice, who participated in the protests in Missouri — seeks multi-million dollar judgments against the City of Ferguson and St. Louis County, as well as one specific ands several unknown officers on behalf of Tracey White, Dewayne A. Matthews Jr., Kerry White, Damon Coleman, and Theophilus Green.

In addition to the city and county, the chief of both city and county police are named as defendants, as is Justin Cosma, a police officer with the Ferguson Police Department.

The underlying cause:

The underlying cause:

The general reason for the lawsuit:

The general reason for the lawsuit:

The facts underlying Tracey White’s claim:

The facts underlying Tracey White's claim:

The facts underlying Dewayne A. Matthews Jr.’s claim:

The facts underlying Dewayne A. Matthews Jr.'s claim:

The facts underlying Kerry White’s claim:

The facts underlying Kerry White's claim:

The facts underlying Damon Coleman, and Theophilus Green’s claim:

The facts underlying Damon Coleman, and Theophilus Green's claim:

Read the complaint:

Source: Chris Geidner for Buzzfeed News

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How many more names will be added before we see any positive policy change?

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A Former Marine Explains All the Weapons of War Being Used by Police in Ferguson


Just in case anyone for some reason still has doubts about whether or not the gear used by the police in Ferguson was terrifyingly excessive.

I think this line sums the entire mess up fucking perfectly:

My guess is that they’ve got a surplus of toys to play with, and a powerless demographic to experiment on.

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White people don’t want to talk about Ferguson. Which is why we need to.

The Pew Research Center also asked about the police response to the protests. Only a third of whites think the police went too far in the aftermath of the Michael Brown shooting.

Only a third think armored vehicles rolling down the streets of Ferguson is going too far.

Only a third think police dressed in camouflage (for some inexplicable reason) waving military-grade assault weapons at unarmed civilians is going too far.

Only a third think lobbing tear gas and stun grenades at civilians—the very citizens they’re supposed to protect—is going too far.

Only a third think threatening reporters and calling protestors “f*****g animals” is going too far.

Only a third think treating black civilians like enemy combatants is going too far.

We have a problem. And the problem is that we won’t even accept that there’s a problem.

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The bookstore in my town has a racism section in honor of Ferguson and it gives me a lot of hope


The bookstore in my town has a racism section in honor of Ferguson and it gives me a lot of hope

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IMPORTANT: So they had these cards in the women’s restrooms at this doctor’s office that I was at. I’m really happy that they put them in there because it makes it easier for a woman to escape an abusive relationship without the abuser expecting anything. It gives me hope when I see things like this.

Oh yes, because women are never abusers.

I never said that they can’t/ aren’t. I’m well aware that some women are. I was just trying to talk about a positive thing that I found in a restroom. Don’t turn my post into something that it’s not. God fucking damn it, it’s like you can’t talk about something positive on this site without someone trying to ruin it or twist the original posters words.

Thank you so much for the positive post, and the VERY true words at the asshole commenting on your post. This is the exact reason why I don’t like this website sometimes. Christ.

If you have to qualify Situation A with “but Situation B happens, too,” do you actually give a shit about Situation B? Or are you looking for ways to derail Situation A?


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"so she’s gay now?"

yeah she turned it all the paperwork last week and her acceptance letter came this morning, it was all pretty sudden

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